Top Cover Mission Marking - WWII Victory Mission Umbrella Decal Sticker Marking

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Top Cover Umbrella Victory Marking Decal

Decal Type: Umbrella Symbol

Color: Black

Size: 3.5" x 3.5 (Approx size of single Decal)

Top cover missions were flown by combat airplanes flying at high altitude to protect from air attack a military force especially of other airplanes flying at a lower altitude. These victory markings were used to denote a missions success by placing specific markings on the side of the aircraft. These stickers look great on vehicles, toolboxes, models, laptops... or anywhere you wish to stick em!

Our decals are available as high quality 3M Decal Vinyl - For a permanent adhesion for smooth and clean surfaces. Comes ready to apply with easy to use transfer material.

Need a specific size for your project or a paint mask stencil? Custom sizes are available by request. Visit our Contact Page.

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