Miscellaneous Aircraft - Multi National WWII Military Aircraft Identification Poster 24"'x18"

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WII Aircraft Identification Poster Featuring:

Miscellaneous Aircraft

  • Type 97 T.B. Kate

  • Type O Rec. Pete

  • Fiat Br-20

  • Fiat G-50

This Authentic Aircraft Identification Poster has been reproduced from a historic World War II US Army Air Force manual used by airmen to help and aid in the identification of friendly and foe aircraft. (TO-00-40-5)

Looks great in your garage, gun room, man cave, office, or workshop. The perfect gift for pilots, kids, veterans, hobbyist, collectors, and aviation enthusiasts. 

Dimensions: 24"x18"

Printed in the USA on High Quality Heavy Weight Poster Paper.

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