US Army Air Force National Star in Circle Insignia Military Aircraft Roundel - Spec. No. 24102K (Amend #3) - Decal or Paint Mask

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Authentic World War II U.S. Army Air Force National Star and Bars Insignia drawn to Tech Order Specs!

Used on USAAF aircraft from May 28th to June 29th 1943, this simple circle and star design was a version of the previous Insignia Spec. No. 241102-k with the Insignia Red dot removed to avoid confusion with Japanese Hinomaru roundel.

Available in Vinyl Paint Mask, 3m Scotchcal Vinyl, or Removable Wall Art Decal Material, this classic World War II Insignia is drafted to exact military specifications and has been used for aircraft collectors and museum restorations alike.

Includes one (1) Paint Mask or Decal. Additional Charge for application transfer film. (HIGHLY Recommended for ease of installation)

Learn how the USAF painted and aircraft insignia at our blog:

As per USAAF Spec, sizing is references per star diameter. Exact overall dimensions are below:

2.5" Star- 2.5" Overall Diameter
5" Star- 5" Overall Diameter
10" Star - 10.6" Overall Diameter
15" Star - 15.6" Overall Diameter
20" Star - 20.6" Overall Diameter
25" Star- 25.6" Overall Diameter
30" Star - 30.6" Overall Diameter
35" Star - 35.6" Overall Diameter

***Custom Sizing available by request***

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